Day 18: Uganda Cultural Tourism


Uganda has a rich heritage and diverse cultures. It has over 30 indigenous tribes and languages, and most of the tribes have their own special dances.Cultural sites include: Uganda museum located in Kampala; Ndere Cultural Centre in Kampala City; Igongo Cultural Centre in Biharwe-Mbarara; Bahai temple, a temple of its kind in the whole of Africa; Namugongo martyrs shrines; Fort Bigo Bya Mugyenyi; and the Bagisu-Embalu circumcision cultural functions.

Igongo Cultural Centre

Igongo Cultural Centre

Igongo Cultural Centre is a leading recreational complex comprising of the captivating cultural information. It is one of the best museums in Uganda. It is located about12km along the scenic Mbarara – Masaka highway in South Western Uganda. It is the ultimate destination for lovers of history, art, culture and comfort.

Bugisu Embalu Ceremony

Embalu Ceremony

Embalu ceremony is an annual circumcision season event among the Bugisu tribe of Eastern Uganda. During the Embalu ceremony, boys are initiated into manhood through circumcision. This is a great event that attracts multitudes from Uganda and the East African region.

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